Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trends and Updates

A few interesting things to note:

Judicial Activism is not necessarily always a "liberal" phenomenon, esp. in the area of Seventh Amendment jury trial right, (re judges taking matters away from jury via summary judgments) (hat tip scotus)

And excellent piece by Jonathan Hafetz "American Justice on the line" from Huffington Post referncing Federalist #84. Hafetz is one of Al-Marri's lawyers, (see below).

There is a lot happening in the Fourth Circuit with the case of Al-Marri v. Wright (docket 06-7427) which plans to hold a hearing on it early in February. Scoot over to SCOTUSblog for all that. Judge Robertson's Order dismissing Hamdan's case from last week is over there too.

Find links to Carey v. Musladin commentary by Prof Amar and Maryland high court ruling halting executions at Standdown Texas.

Doug Berman (SL and P) asks whether the PROSECUTOR should request clemency for Genarlow Wilson. The comments (4) illustrate what I was talking about here this morning concerning my friend who thinks PROSECUTORS OFFICES are where you can really make a difference in this area of the law.

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