Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nice Vacation

But it's over. Here's an interesting local posting on a pervasive national problem, money driving politics, and/or the reverse, which could be the same thing. And here we thought it could never happen in an enlightened republic of citizen legislators. Manipulating the public only becomes easier the less power the public retains. We are getting there, have been there before, and so on it goes. Interesting how a two year election cycle is not enough to ensure that we don't fall further into the pit. Term limits sure would be a welcome change.

It is called "A Growing Evil" by Katherine Heerbrandt, in the Frederick, Md, News Post. Katherine, you are so right.

And let's not forget how certain influential community leaders like to rail about "socialism" while doling it out to the corporations. What did they call it in Germany? National socialism, while the arms industry appropriated the economy. We, America, are there precisely now. Free market, ha!

A fitting, and ironic (ironic because the right in theory is the free markets crowd) reminder is the Reagan years "arms for oil" deal. People, is there no choice but to follow this to its logical conclusion? Which is, ... a hundred year of war for oil.

My solution: turn Iran into a parking lot and the sooner the better, keep the museums and mosques. It's sort of like the foreclosure crisis. The sooner we get the bad and underwater loans off the market the better we will be. People, walk (but buy cars) and rent. The mortgage banks are taking you for a ride.