Saturday, July 14, 2007


Prof. Sunstein, Open University:

In short, the conservative refashioning of the Court has radically changed the terms of legal and political discourse. On the Supreme Court, what was once centrist is now left-wing. What was once conservative is now centrist. What was once on the extreme right--so extreme that it was not represented on the Court at all--is now merely conservative (Scalia and Thomas). What was once on the left no longer exists (Brennan and Marshall, often joined by Blackmun).

By drawing attention to these changes, I do not mean to suggest agreement with the liberals of the Court's past. In my view, the Court does best if it proceeds incrementally and with respect for the elected branches of government. But public discussion has been badly distorted by a failure to see exactly how much has happened in the last decades. Indeed, this particular revolution has been so unusual, and so stunningly successful, precisely because so few people have even noticed it.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crow's Nest: Iraq

Whooops! Does anybody see the draft coming?
In nine months, when the surge has totally failed and only made the hornet's nest of the Middle East Region (Iraq) into the eye of a full-blown hurricane
Then, will we see the need for a draft?
Or, ...
When the next POTUS is a Dem,
Will we hang with her as we try to fix something that was not in need of repair until the Rep took control?

In case you were wondering, this is just bananas compared to the next war, in which Iraq is just the opening gambit. Can we stop it now before it gets out of control?

Only the war machine, that we used to call the Military Industrial Complex, and the stockholders therein are, and will be beneficiaries of this ongoing Third World War. So Sorry Charlie, that the Constitution has been shredded.