Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Supreme Court matters

A petition to the Supreme Court, Dallas County v. Duvall, alleging conditions of confinement when inmate contracted staph (MRSA) virus losing sight in the eye, looks interesting.

Even more curious, an entire handful of cases set for November argument in the Supreme Court in, surprise, ineffective assistance, prosecutor misconduct, habeas...warrantless search by GPS! The insignificance taken on by the overnightly loss of net worth by a factor of ten pales by comparison. Only a prolonged legal battle between two deceased individuals over a measly sum of 89 million could be more interesting. Imagine how they are going to spend that money...

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back

Almost one year since I have been without computer...whew. The android, while good for many things doesn't cut the mustard when posting. Let's go see what's new around the b-sphere (still call it that?).

Now let's see how easy it is to post hyperlinks with the Ipad... here. Pretty cumbersome. Mobile ap doesn't seem to be able to select the link url to copy and paste. Gotta check on this.

Interesting posts at Sentencing Law & Policy as always, on Texas dropping sex offender designations on persons not convicted of a such offense, and neuroscience in sentencing; and a reference to NYT piece on a trend toward lighter sentences...; sentencing in "cash for kids" scheme of Pennsylvania juvy court judges and prosecutor named Zubrod; facial unconstitutionality of NY civil commitment law; an ACLU Report on reform in traditionally tough on crime states; Doe v. Police Commissioners of Boston overturning law banning sex offender from residence in nursing home;