Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sub-lethal (illegal) Injection?

There must be blood in the water, the sharks are circling, the beast has been sighted, and it is (find out with DAB) ... [Choose only one: a) sub - lethal injections, b) the white whale, c) Ahab, d) your lawyer calling.] OR, is it

Change Needed in the Courts? Ron Rotunda writes in Washington Post:

The Judicial Transparency and Ethics Enhancement Act of 2006, now before Congress, would create an inspector general for the courts. It offers modest reforms that would keep our judiciary independent (because no one favors a dependent judiciary) and help keep it accountable (because no one favors a judiciary that is above the law).
THAT would be a change. Is this just politics or something with real teeth? How would an IG further the cause of independence? AND judiciary should be accountable to whom? How would that work? House Judiciary Committee recently voted in favor of this bill by a bipartisan majority of 20 to 6.

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