Monday, December 11, 2006

A Rock and A Hard Place: American Foreign Policy

The Death of Former Dictator and Criminal Pinochet (RIP) Is Reminder that the U.S. Has Not Always Shunned the Niche Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Realism v Democracy Promotion in US Foreign Policy. Straight to you from Washington Post:

Aliyev drew a predictable conclusion: that he could be both a dictator and an American ally as long as he delivered energy and security cooperation. So Azerbaijan is pumping oil to Europe, and has promised gas this winter to pro-Western Georgia. It is allowing the U.S. military to use its airspace, and it reportedly hosts CIA monitoring operations of Iran. Meanwhile, Aliyev's government is systematically attacking the country's pro-democracy forces, while favoring Russia's Azerbaijani allies. The losers are the very "democratic reformers" to whom Bush said: "When you stand for your liberty we will stand with you."

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