Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting Active

I joined the Federick County Democratic Party today. Maybe they'll call me now so I can make my run for president in 2008. Too bad I have the same problem Ahnie has, we weren't born here. Actually, I just want to be the State Ombudman for Prisoner Rehabilitation and Re-Entry. I'm not asking for too much, and because that would require the sacrifice of much time that I otherwise put into BLOGGING and other fun stuff, I might even get paid a little something something. At least minimum wage, maybe? I noticed that the guy over at 3-L Epiphany (a blog) got a job with the Ohio Legislative Service, and says law school is finally looking like its worth it. But I think it is a privilege just to be rubbing shoulders with those who have been chosen (would you really choose to be a lawyer if you knew what they do for a living?) for this noble profession.

I got this from Brian Hammock yesterday:

One month ago you helped make history by electing Martin O'Malley as our 61st Governor of Maryland. I'm writing this morning to ask for your help once again as we prepare for the Gubernatorial Inaugural.

Invitations for the inaugural need to be sent out next week. We are looking
for volunteers to help assemble the invitations next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the 5th Regimen Armory in Baltimore (219 Twenty-Ninth Division St,
Baltimore, MD 21201 Map). We have three shifts available each day: 3:00 -5:00pm, 5:00 - 7:00pm, 7:00 - 9:00pm.

This will be a good opportunity to see friends from the campaign and be a part of this historic event. Food and beverages will be provided. Please let me know if you can help and which day/shift you are available. You can let me know by email or call the inaugural office at 410-547-8884 ×200.

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