Thursday, December 14, 2006

Store and Innocence Project, Charitably Yours

I have added new controversial "popular" titles on politics, crime and politics, and the U.S. constitution to my store. The Iraq Study Group store will also be updated soon as the problem of Iraq deserves special attention. I will be looking for new stuff regularly, and the price is always right. You can also see/visit my Amazon "wishlist." (I think).

Add to your book collection or send a gift to somebody, show them you care, and at no cost to you support the Innocence Project. The Amazon link will credit your purchase towards my Associates account if you add items to your shopping basket within 24 hours of linking through my "store." You may pay and accept delivery later than that of course; and you may reopen the 24 hour window by visiting my site and linking again to Amazon at any time. Thank you!

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