Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just Tinkering

Some of you may have noticed that the page element at the top describing Z the Legal Blog has changed. I was slightly dissatisfied with the way it read so there you have it. I am still not COMPLETELY happy with it now, but I'll sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow.

I have also added a new link at the top right to the Monthly Newsletter because I did not want that to interfere with the bloggy character of the page. It also makes it easier to access the Newsletter for the folks who want to see just that, unjumbled with the blog postings.

Speaking of sleeping on it (tongue twister - let's play nicely, Jamie Lee - I love you - I am collecting all your new ads, movies too: blog/call me (nice pic here)) the blogosphere is full of knee jerk split second reactions to everything, so I thought I would create a "new" feature here, story of the week. My picks for this "off the kuff" are

1. The Florida moratorium on executions (SCOTUS will have to take this up within the next year, says Jeffrey Toobin, currently is a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine, former legal analyst for ABC News, and the author of four books);

2. Innocent Man Released in Harris County/Houston, Texas links available here and
Opinions of CCA here:

3. The military generals and Bush administration are actually considering increasing troop strength IN Iraq, and the size of standing army.

4. Supreme Court, which makes news every time it rules, this week in Musladin (click here and here, for my earlier posts, the opinion is here)

5. The Fifth Circuit opinion in Nelson v. Quarterman (my earlier post here).

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