Saturday, January 13, 2007

There is some groundbreaking work discussed here, this morning (when I noticed it). I'll be over at the Ceresville Mansion with Martin O'Malley, the Governer-elect, pre-inaugural breakfast a bit later politicking on the politics of crime, or just saying hello and whatever.

Last evening I saw the Guv-elect (can I call you Martin?) on Ch. 3 (WWPB) briefly responding to some questions, among them:

-what about the death penalty in Maryland?
-raising taxes (that's not a priority--candidly mentioning that the spending driving taxation requires some analysis)?

I'm sorry but that is all I saw before somebody changed the channel (I did not possess the control --"run"-- the TV Friday night). I'm usually out-voted anyway and so I try to get them out the door at every opportunity. Bah.

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