Monday, January 08, 2007

Playing Catch (up)

One of my picks from the SCOTUSblog list of Petitions to watch: (IAC/Deference)
Varner v. Thomas (3d Circuit) is here (pdf).

Certs Granted list from Friday here, (again, from SCOTUSblog and Lyle Denniston)

January Hearings List is here (guess from where?)

PS. I started a few new blogs that you can easily link to at top right, and will be moving some of the cool links that are more appropriately placed elsewhere to these new places, soon!

is for Politics and Politicking.

The Brunswick
is for Entertaining Local Stuff and Conservation (and the great American past-time, the big show, a.k.a. that other religion, "ball").

Tax Advisor
is ... (your wild guess).

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