Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crows Nest on a Tuesday that feels like Monday

Here is Scot Henson on TX Parole

TDCJ categorizes offenders who are eligible for parole into seven risk levels, and under the current guidelines, level 7 offenders (those identified as the least dangerous) should be approved for release between 76-100% of the time. But take a look at the approval rates for Level 7 offenders at Texas' six regional parole panels from the Sunset report (pdf, p. 31):

Parole Panel Approval Rate for Guideline 7

Amarillo 42.96%
Angleton 54.47
Gatesville 38.29
Huntsville 45.71
Palestine 57.88
San Antonio 53.14

Not one of these parole boards comes close to approving Level 7 parole candidates at even the lowest part of the guideline range. One member of the Sunset Commission pointed out, the parole board is actually more likely to follow its guidelines for the most violent, dangerous offenders than they are low-level nonviolent ones. That makes little sense.

And a little more on that from Norm Sirak's place:

Pretty Hot Letter on Parole to Texas State Senator makes points (Dec. 27)

According to December's Progress Report Texas's Motion to Oppose Class Cert is Due Jan. 17. There have been six motions to dismiss to date, unheard of.

This, from ADAM M. GERSHOWITZ , South Texas College of Law, is a very interesting proposal, politically speaking, concerning the Death Penalty.

As is this one, by WAYNE A. LOGAN , Florida State University College of Law. Thanks as always to Prof. Berman. This article is reviewed (previewed?) by Corey Young over at Sex Crimes blog.

UPDATE: My Newsletter has just been posted here.(10:12am)

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