Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ready to Rumble?

Here, is the headline of the day (Discourse dot net on tip from Progressive Law Blog aka Prolawblogs). A Demonstration, Miami for Peace is sponsoring this action with Global Exchange, CODEPINK Women for Peace, United for Peace and Justice, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Veterans for Peace South Florida, Miami Chapter of Amnesty International and many others.

This is a close second, S. 223. A bill to require Senate candidates to file designations, statements, and reports in electronic form; to the Committee on Rules and Administration (from Votelaw, which I will be adding to the "roll" here or on the Poliblog).

Additional Curiosities Related to "Criminal Politics":

"Sexual politics" means a lot of things in Washington, even how men and women relate to each other, defining notions about femininity and masculinity. For better or for worse, as in the marriage vows. In Washington "sexual politics" is usually more about power than sex. The Republicans are the Daddy Party, the Democrats the Mommy Party. But the stereotypes are changing right before our eyes, and smart pols will take due notice now because public expectations and psychological perceptions will shape their future. Suzanne Fields/

Not Ship-Shape at State, Sherlock (WPost)

Lefty v Righty Churches: Do Donors Affect or Reflect the Flock's Thinking? (WPost)

UPDATE: I have been struggling for a label for these trendy, newsy, dailies that I post, having previously tried "currents" "trends" and variations thereof. NOW I HAVE IT. Henceforth, these will be THE CROW'S NEST. Apologies but I could not resist a reference here to "running point" which is something I've been asked to do and Army (and football) guys should appreciate. Contrast this with "on point" which the big legal guns know all about.

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