Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Capital Week on Death Row

You have got to look at this one, from SL and P (Doug B). Maryland and South Dakota have introduced laws to ban capital punishment, and Martin O'Malley, the new governer of MD captured some attention -- Ohio Death Penalty Information:
  • AP reports here on a bill about to be introduced in the Maryland legislature to replace the death penalty with a maximum sentence of life without parole.
...Governor Martin O'Malley says he'd sign the measure into law -- if it passes the House and Senate. O'Malley says he believes the state wastes a lot of money pursuing a policy that "doesn't work to reduce crime or save lives."

Doug B's begins,
For anyone categorically opposed to the death penalty, the past week has to be a cause for celebration. As DPIC is now spotlighting on its home page, "seven executions in three states were stayed for various reasons between January 19 and the 25th."

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