Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Progressive Digression

A kindly old demogogue is what popped to mind hearing Sen. McCain telling us on CNN that Iraq is the "number one battleground in the war against Al Qaeda". No fire and brimstone, just smooth talk. Not quite Hitlerian, but worse.

And then I thought about the fact that we could have rebuilt the entire nation's infrastructure with the money we have thrown into Iraq, which I have viewed as a disasterous distraction in the international efforts to counter, ward off, contain, destroy, etc., Bin Laden and terrorism. Bring those boys home and figure out a better way. We can rebuild our country and keep it safe as well without playing in the sandbox in this destructive fashion.

UPDATE: Just expanding on the rebuilding idea, that means lots of money spent right here, putting contractors to work all across the country. Timely, considering the tanking economy and structural issue we seem to be avoiding (loss of jobs overseas). This "war" has been draining the economy, and America, not keeping it safe and strong.

We should also increase domestic energy initiatives, etc. etc. and find ways to earn/spend at home, not be quite so quick to spending our dollars overseas IN A WAY THAT UNDERCUTS AMERICAN JOBS. I don't mind imports, but make the field level, don't allow American workers to sink to the levels in Bangladesh or China.

Secure our borders by hurting those who hire the illegal worker. If hiring stops the influx will end. Place the responsibility right where it counts.

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