Friday, January 25, 2008

Campaign Trail 2008

UPDATE: Literally, this is about buying elections. We all know that the media influences people. This is not about free speech. All we want to know is WHOM is purchasing the votes influenced by these movies, nothing more nothing less. Don't waste my Court's time with this crap.

Here is the way the appeal describes the Clinton movie: “It includes interviews with numerous individuals and many scenes of Senator Clinton at public appearances. It is about 90 minutes in length. It does not expressly advocate Senate Clinton’s election or defeat, but it discusses her Senate record, her White House record during President Bill Clinton’s presidency, and her presidential bid.”

So it is a electioneering communication prohibited during primaries and general elections? Or not? It does/does not advocate for or against a particular candidate? Coming soon: Obama The Movie.

What if they just made something called Democrats The Movie? HT: Scotusblog.

Here is an additional campaign related post: HTM

This too I like. It is class. Even with the almost detectable political bias it makes sense. From the Doc:

Obama could (and should) talk not about "Libby justice," but rather about "Rich justice," which could and should be a sly reference to Bill Clinton's ugly pardon of Marc Rich. Obama could (and should) highlight that upper-middle-class drug dealers are treated as heroes in TV shows, while poor drug dealers are often subject to harsh mandatory minimum sentences. Obama could (and should) highlight that college graduates are far less likely to commit crimes than high-school dropouts and thus investing resources in education for the disadvantaged is likely the most cost-effective way to fight crime. Obama could (and should) highlight that much of the money society need for broader health care coverage is now being spent incarcerating low-level non-violent offenders. Obama could (and should) highlight that our criminal justice system generally protects individuals with lots of money (and even perhaps mention OJ Simpson in this discussion), but generally fails to protect those who a less economically advantaged. Obama could (and should) highlight that California's budget crisis is so severe (and will require cuts in important services to the law abiding) in part because it has perhaps the most dysfunctional criminal justice system in the nation.

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