Sunday, November 19, 2006

TCCA Business as Usual

Thanks due to my dependable and creditable sources, here is this link to more cruel and [un]usual stuff from the Lone Star State. This is the frontrunner in the race to the bottom of the barrel touching the quality of legal representation due from an [appointed] lawyer--indeed a macaca could have done better--tax payers should be outraged. Then again, perhaps the average citizen of Texas only expects that the accused will be tried in this fashion:

Wilkinson's writ appeared to copy Acker's letters from death row so that, instead of citing legal cases, the writ echoes Acker's unintelligible arguments, flawed grammar and even his complaint that he was about to run out of paper.

"It's yet another example of the court of criminal appeals turning a blind eye to clearly incompetent representation," Andrea Keilen, with the Texas Defenders Service, said of Wednesday's ruling.

"What they could easily have done was order the trial court to appoint another lawyer." Martin Braddy, the district attorney for Hopkins County, said that while Wilkinson's legal brief could have been better, it raised all the appropriate issues that needed the court's attention.

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