Saturday, November 25, 2006

Great Blogs

Professor Douglas Berman's blog, Sentencing Law and Policy, which I have linked permanently on my site, is by far the best I've found. Today he features a conference at the New School in New York on the topic of Crime and Punishment, available here: [The invited speakers and the topics to be discussed (detailed here and here) are truly amazing. A detailed agenda can be found at this link,] This is a truly amazing line up of great thinkers and abstracts to guide you further, if that is what turns you on. This conference is happening next week in New York.

Also, Doug's permanent links to Criminal Law blogs provide more than enough for astute students of this topic (and legislative assistants) to begin to get their daily digest of must read stuff. Also, there is a reason that Doug has placed these links in the order that he has on his site.

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