Monday, November 27, 2006

MSM Shines On

Personally, I've started to tune out bs articles like this but some people get angry enough to comment. Here is a good one from this weekend found (where else?) on Sentencing Law and Policy.

"Who else quit reading and had to walk off the rage and disgust after reading this from "Tracking down sexual predators just in time"? With just four investigators, the CyberCrime Unit can't possibly probe the thousands of child pornographers on the Internet operating in Florida, but it tries to go after the worst of the worst. BABIES AND TODDLERS Horkan has an intense dislike for people who use babies and toddlers in pornography. ''Child pornography is not largely 16-year-olds. It is largely little girls or boys, toddlers. Tiny babies are being molested. They are actually being penetrated,'' she said.``Most people would vomit to see the stuff they have.'' Yes, they may literally vomit, but who else, after cooling off some, returned to the story and read this a further eight paragraphs down the page? About 90 percent of the sexual solicitations happened to children 13 and older. So is Alan Naj really the worst of the worst? The implication is strong. The fallacy of the part equals the whole is very effective and carries a powerful emotional punch right in the gut. But a second, more careful reading finds something else disturbing: Reporters embedded with the police are often misleading, as they were when they surrendered to the government while embedded with the troops. How many readers, in their rage and disgust, will stop to realize toddlers are not on the Internet at all and cannot be solicited? Conflating the two crimes, though both are serious public safety concerns, is not a sound basis for rational law. Such is the stuff of "moral panics" and irrational law, and irrational law is never best for public safety."
The article from the Miami Herald, "Tracking down sexual predators just in time" can be found here.

Heard on NPR, Maryland's Court of Appeals will soon begin to webcast its proceedings.

Fighting CPS? Here is some info for you.

Want to send a Christmas card to somebody in prison? Check this out.

if you know of a man or woman who would like to receive a christmas card, please send me their name & info. I will make a list and post it to the groups. Carol Leonard. Prison Reform is NOT soft on crime.

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