Saturday, May 31, 2008

More From Grits on the Texas Mormon Children

If you have been Walthered, I would like to know about it. Please contact me through comments on this site or email me.

If you want to know more about what this new verb, Walthered, means (and how it originated), link to Grits, Scott Henson's great Texas blog. The comments on his post are juicy, ripe for action, and will give you a spicy taste of attitudes prevailing in Texas-style justice and politics.

Grits's searing coverage, updated with every new develoment, is the best I've seen.

Good question: why did the lefties initially support the raid and "conservatives" not do so. I was aghast from the beginning, and consider myself a convert to the left after having flirted with the right in my youth. A recent series of Presidential blunders have turned me away from the right wing party in this country forevermore.

Independently of my political pieties, I was aghast because I know first hand what it is like to be separated both from your parents, and from your children. I've seen it from both ends, unfortunately. I'm not necessarily in favor of bigamy or underage marriage. I just had a hunch Texas CPS had bitten off a little more than could be chewed, comfortably. Now, we'll get to see how national attention could possibly have an effect upon this particular area of what they call family law in this state.

You gotta love Scott's new slogan for CPS: No Child Left With Mom (!!!)

Grits on FLDS Children Takings

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