Saturday, November 17, 2007


The January Calendar is here (thanks SCOTUS blog!)
Seven of the twelve so far scheduled are clearly criminal law cases, including the lethal injection case.

Here is a link to the Fourth Amendment case: the State High Court was right on this one. If the states refuse to provide a remedy for a violation of state law, law that is "within the scope or reach" of the constitution, then they must be held to it. The states should not re-write the fourth amendment and then fail to enforce their own revision.

The Gitmo Detainee Cases march on: here is link to reply briefs.

The fallout from Carey v Musladin is beginning to hit the ground, as seen here, in a brief in opposition to certiorari, involving defendant's habeas relief under either Cronic or Strickland. The brief does an exceptional job of clarifying the notion of "clearly established law"... as well as the distinctions among Hill, Cronic, Strickland lines of ineffectiveness of assistance of counsel claims.

Finally, here's one for the Crow's Nest. GPS Tracking could-go-all-the-way-

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