Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Uttecht and Criminal Jury trial(s) in Supreme Court Tuesday

Via SCOTUSblog:

The Supreme Court will hear oral argument (Tuesday, 4/17) in No. 06-413, Uttecht v. Brown. Lyle Denniston's preview of the case can be found here. A collection of other blog commentary on the case is below:

In Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute Bulletin, Kelly Cooke & Heidi Guetschow preview the capital case here. Ross Runkel has this preview and prediction at the Supreme Court Times. Here, the Death Penalty Information Center gives a brief synopsis of the jury selection case.

Capital Defense Weekly has this post discussing Uttecht v. Brown; Doug Berman of Sentencing Law and Policy weighs in on the Court's decision to grant certiorari in this case here; Edward Bills has this post discussing the Seattle case at the Bodily Injury Blog.

UPDATE: The oral argument transcript in Uttecht v. Brown is now available here.

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