Thursday, April 26, 2007

Report on Prisoner Reentry Issues

An awesome new report from the Urban Institute is here, on reentry, thanks to a knowledgeable source who shall remain anonymous (for now).

A brief description:
Returning Home is a longitudinal study of prisoner reentry in Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas based on personal interviews with prisoners before and after their release from prison. Previous reports from the Ohio project examined prisoners' expectations for life after prison and their experiences in the first few months after release. This final report—"One Year Out: Experiences of Prisoners Returning to Cleveland"—describes the lives of nearly 300 former prisoners at least 12 months after release, including their ability to find stable housing and reunite with family, and identifies factors associated with getting a job, and avoiding substance use and return to prison (recidivism).

Here, at this link, is another great report called Reconsidering Incarceration, by Don Stemen from the Vera Institute of Justice.

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