Thursday, November 05, 2009

Da System, Baby, Is Working, But Not so Great

Who has not heard of the case of Garrido, and Sowell?

The girls Sowell had over are not so well.

One fell out the balcony and had too much. She is not so well.

Sowell is not so well.

That's a good thing.

Sorry, so well...

See you in hell.

The proof is so often in the pudding.

Here, the proof seems to be putting in the house.

Sorry Sowell.

See you in hell.

Remember Garrido

You and matron kept her 20 years

Nobody knew any different

Not GPS, not judge, not parole officer;

OMG, the system, baby, is not so great.

Who should we hate?

All the criminal loving lawyers

is who.

Without them Garrido would be hung by the bun




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