Friday, October 02, 2009

Whats the Point?

Jumping into the thicket I am going to venture that award winning producer Roman Polanski has done his time. It is 30 years of self imposed exile. To jail him now is merely a gesture to the idea that justice must be strict admitting of no compassion, that to set an example Roman must be punished more than that which he has imposed on himself. I disagree with this justice. Justice should be able to bend over backwards to fit unique circumstances.

What happened was rape and illegal. The victim no longer wishes to see Roman punished. It is over and has been for a long time. The state's interest in putting Roman in jail is far from clear at this point, has no point. The exile has been long enough.

On this, Robinson at Wapo has spoken here, calling the crime "brutalization." In his opinion, I'm not sure what he really thinks. Should Roman go to jail? I guess he thinks so. What purpose would it serve?

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