Sunday, June 28, 2009

Productivity, Global (Office) Warming and Japan

The Hilary Clinton of Japan business productivity and cutting energy are all featured in this Newsweek eyecandy, "Want to Save Energy, Think Japanese" -- always interesting for one who was born in Otaru (that's Japan, up North, where the air is/was could not be cleaner, the mountain waters fresher, the veggies and fish more fresh and nutritious). Wonder what it's like there now?

BECAUSE, I have been reading history in my spare time, by Regius Prof. of Modern History, Richard Evans of Cambridge, The Third Reich at War, my posting has been sparse, sorry.

Here is a HABEAS piece that promises to be of interest, re Tarbles case from UVA profs, Woolhandler and Collins, via bepress (thanks Doc as always).

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