Monday, March 02, 2009

Citizens for Change

A new reader found my site, left a comment here, so at the request of JustaDadatHome, I'll be adding a direct link to Citizens for Change ( under the Sex Crime, Public Education, and Civil Rights section of my blog. Thanks, JaDaH!

I'm looking forward to seeing the great logo link on their website to my blog! It's nice to have talented friends!


JustaDadatHome said...

I just found your post today, I will get a great logo designed for you within a few days, maybe today!
thank you, love your site.

JustaDadatHome said...

I have your new link up on Sure wish you would put my LOGO on your site.
We have a worthy cause, my logo and a little script have been created, so anyone can copy and paste the logo and link into a site.
Just scroll around on the front page, right side, you will see the logo and code, if you will? Thank you.