Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugeration: Off With the Medieval Currents

Bye Bye, and Hello...a historic moment rises; feel the ground swell of hope, fresh ideas, new thinking. Check out all the different views here, (Atlantic) and here (Roll Call), and here (The Nation), and here (Newsweek).

Don't forget Fox, or the guys on the Right, no doubt making every effort to keep the "Big Tent Democrats" under control. I am getting the feeling that we're starting to ALL PULL TOGETHER.

But what else could go RIGHT?


UPDATE: Just one more thing. The Banks cannot be fixed; they need to be reformed in every sense of the word, as in creation. Giving a falling bank money fixes nothing. Give that money to somebody who thinks up, makes, and fixes a tangible good that adds value to the economy (as opposed to somebody who skims off the cream, and thinks up new ways to skim more cream) is the better bet.

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