Sunday, November 09, 2008

Corporate Crime

We need to correct this BS asap: The WaPo headlines a piece which features a tax policy regulation issued recently that amounts to corporate welfare -- correct that: stealing taxpayer money to pay banks and other corporations that only lose money.

For losing money in a given year, these conservative executives expect the government (taxpayer) to give them a cash refund. What Balls. If this is "conservative" as in what conservative economists think, then I am definitely not a conservative, and not in this mold.

That is as radical socialist as it gets. That's called corporate socialism. That's what we've had for 8 years and that's enough of that.

Excerpt: full article at this link.
The opposition to Section 382 is part of a broader ideological battle over how the tax code deals with a company's losses. Some conservative economists argue that not only should a firm be able to use losses to offset gains, but that in a year when a company only loses money, it should be entitled to a cash refund from the government.

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