Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criminal Justice Symposium

A criminal justice Symposium! The press release is at the link: "Alternatives to Incarceration"

Here's the meat:

Presenters at the symposium include federal and state judges, congressional staff, professors of law and the social sciences, corrections and alternative sentencing practitioners and specialists, federal and state prosecutors and defense attorneys, prisons officials, and others involved in criminal justice. Approximately 250 individuals representing the federal and state criminal justice communities, academia, and public interest groups have been invited to attend. Topics to be examined include –

* drug courts and treatment options for certain offenders;
* alternative sentencing options in the federal and state systems;
* restorative justice-based programs;
* prison programs resulting in reduced sentences;
* the Second Chance Act and re-entry issues; and
* collateral consequences of convictions.

UPDATE: A link to "Notes" is here, authored by Kent. The Sentencing Project makes waves there. Not taken seriously by the author of the notes. Apparently the transcript will be made available in E form. HT to Doc Berman (once more).

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