Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Texas Hold'em Decision

More on the FLDS Children decision, with many comments here, at Talkleft.

Also, here is Sen. Cornyn of Texas regarding children, and how to protect them, from an op ed in Southeast Texas Record. Two points, Senator, with respect. One. The following is old fashioned fear mongering: "Local, state and federal government must be vigilant as technology makes some crimes easier;" and, in "Texas has been at the forefront in modern efforts to protect children," considering the first subject of this post, the phrase "screwing up efforts to protect children" should be in your statement somewhere.

The only thing about which the Senator and I could agree is the following, "there is no substitute for loving, caring and alert family members. I wonder how the family members of the FLDS children, wrongly deprived of their parental rights by force, feel about this? On how many other occasions has Texas gotten it wrong, but parents were too overwhelmed, poor, or uneducated to be able to assert their rights in court?

Increase the budget for the state in this area, and watch in horror the numbers of families wrongly torn apart increase in proportion.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Major Mori! Typical Texas to have stolen these children with swat teams at gunpoint and then separated siblings all over the state of Texas in order to dissolve the families. The fact that none of them could be given the Book of Mormon tells us a lot about what really happened. I suggest all of these families and others who respect their God given parental rights get out of Texas now as CPS will continue to do everything they can to break families apart in the name of their perverted legal system.

Darla in Maryland