Friday, February 01, 2008

Numbers Guy and Recidivism Update

Here's Corey over at Sex Crimes
I wish the Numbers Guy had looked at the DOJ study which had the odd result of showing that non-sex-offenders actually had a higher rate of committing sex crimes upon release than did sex offenders. That seemingly anomalous result sometimes adds needed context to discussions of sex offender recidivism. It would also be nice to see a greater attention paid to breaking down sex offender sub-populations to assess those recidivism rates in context. Overall, though, I'm happy to see this issue getting a little more coverage. It's always nice to have the possibility that facts, not fear, will inform policy.
Facts, what are those?

OHHH NOOOO ! --- not global warming?

So Right, grasshopper: we must blame it on somebody else. "We"'re never responsible.
But papa, do bears shit in the woods?
Does the Wall Street Journal like taking candy from a baby?

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