Friday, February 16, 2007

Irresistable, but Hopefully not Strongly Resisting

"The snow is going to melt in the Hindu Kush mountains, and when it does we can expect fierce fighting to continue."
PRESIDENT BUSH, on the Taliban threat in Afghanistan.

Guess where this came from: Little Apple, Old Yorktown (sans the ville) and what happens when you watch the clocks. Could that be, ... click here to see.

"as the debate in Congress shifts from nonbinding resolutions of disapproval for adding troops in Iraq to attaching conditions on funding for the war, a constitutional clash between the legislative and executive branches may be inevitable, say lawmakers and legal scholars with close ties to the administration." Source:

The President has said:

"They have the right to try to use the power of the purse to determine policy," the president told editors of the Wall Street Journal recently, in an interview that took some of his strongest conservative supporters by surprise.

David B. Rivkin Jr., a White House lawyer in the George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan administrations, described the proposed congressional restrictions as the "epitome of micromanagement."

Walter E. Dellinger III, Assistant Attorney General under President Clinton, said he is baffled by such arguments. "Although it does not become law, how can it possibly be considered meaningless for each house of the Congress to exercise the view in a formal recorded vote that a planned addition to U.S. forces is a mistake?" he said. "I think that the framers of the Constitution would be astonished that a president would proceed to increase U.S. involvement in a foreign war over the expressed objection of both houses of Congress."

Who gets the last word? Stay tuned.

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